ERC-ARThUs Group

Alumni and Visitors


Marc Geiller (M1 student ENS Lyon, CRAL)
- stationary effective models
Charly Nayet (M2 student ENS Lyon and PhD student, CRAL)
- exact solutions and generic evolution models
Mickaël Rigault (M2 student UCBL, CRAL)
- statistical measurements of backreaction
Xavier Roy (M2 student Univ. Montpellier and PhD student, CRAL)
- scalar field models, backreaction, stability, foliation problem
Nathaniel Obadia (AGPR, ENS Lyon)
- inhomogeneous inflation and other scalar field models
Selim Touati (M1 student ENS Lyon, CRAL)
- average properties of silent universe models
Léo Brunswic (M2 student ENS Lyon, CRAL)
- geometrical and topological problems in theories of gravitation
Alexandre Alles (M2 student ENS Lyon and PhD student, CRAL)
- relativistic Lagrangian perturbation theory
Matthias Ostermann (Master and Ph.D. student, Munich, Germany)
- relativistic Lagrangian perturbation theory
Fosca Al Roumi (M2 student ENS Lyon and PhD student, CRAL)
- structure formation, gravitational waves and gravitomagnetism
Paul Godart (M1 student ENS Lyon, CRAL)
- effective scalar fields for Dark Matter
Pierre Mourier (M2 student ENS Paris and 1y internship ENS Paris, CRAL)
- structure formation, gravitational entropies
Rahul Dhurkunde (IISER-ENS Lyon internship, CRAL)
- anomalies in Gaussian CMB sky maps
Francesco Sartini (M1 student ENS Lyon, CRAL)
- globally stationary cosmologies
Célia Desgrange (L3 student ENS Lyon, CRAL)
- template metrics and supernovae
Jan J. Ostrowski (LIO Postdoc, CRAL)
- scale-dependent relations to Dark Energy and Dark Matter


Phil Bull (University of Oxford, UK)
- short term
Toshifumi Futamase (University of Sendai, Japan)
- short term
Asta Heinesen (University of Canterbury, New Zealand)
- several, long term
Rocky Kolb (University of Chicago, USA)
- short term
Mikołaj Korzyński (University of Warsaw, Poland)
- short term
Yongzhuang Li (University of Canterbury, New Zealand)
- long term
Sven Lustig (University of Ulm, Germany)
- long term
Frank Steiner (University of Ulm, Germany, associate CRAL)
- regular, short term
Boudewijn Roukema (University of Torun, Poland, associate CRAL)
- regular, short and long term
Xavier Roy (Wolfram Mathworld, France and Leeds, U.K.)
- regular, short term
Roberto Sussman (University of Mexico City, Mexico)
- several, short term
Yasushi Suto (University of Tokyo, Japan)
- short term
Gabriele Veneziano (CERN, Switzerland)
- short term
Alexander Wiegand (Albert-Einstein-Institut, Germany)
- regular, short term
David Wiltshire (University of Canterbury, New Zealand)
- regular, short and long term
Mauro Carfora (University of Pavia, Italy)
- regular, short term
Jean-Michel Alimi (LUTh Meudon, France)
- short term
Ismael Delgado Gaspar (University of Mexico City, Mexico)
- long term
Eleonora Villa (Warsaw, Poland)
- short term

Last Update: December 25, 2018

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