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Group Members :


Thomas Buchert (PR, Head of Group, PI ERC, CRAL)
- coordination of group activities
Martin J. France (ERC Research Technician, CRAL)
- robust image analysis - Minkowski Functionals


Frank Steiner (PR, CRAL)
- CMB and non-trivial topologies
Mauro Carfora (Pavia, Italy) (Member of ARThUs)
- Tensorial smoothing techniques, lightcone
Jan J. Ostrowski (Warsaw, Poland) (Member of ARThUs)
- scale-dependent relations to Dark Energy and Dark Matter


Asta Heinesen (ERC Postdoc, CRAL)
- foliation problem, interpretation of observational data
Hamed Barzegar (ERC Postdoc, CRAL)
- tilted foliations and effective acceleration
Abdelouahab Rgoud (ENS Associate)
- effective acceleration in Special Relativity

Closely collaborating Postdocs at the moment:

Pratyush Pranav (Ex ERC Postdoc)
- data analysis, topological statistics
Nezihe Uzun (Ex ERC Postdoc, Warsaw, Poland)
- statistical geometry
Ismael Delgado Gaspar (Warsaw, Poland)
- exact solutions
Léo Brunswic (Shanghai, PR China)
- geometrical and topological problems
Francesco Sartini
- globally stationary cosmologies


Tom Boismard (M2 student UCB Lyon, CRAL)
- t.b.d.

Closely Collaborating Students:

Niels Fardeau (M2 student ENS Lyon, CRAL)
- Non-perturbative collapse models for collisionless self-gravitating flows
Aubin Courty (M2 student ENS Lyon, CRAL)
- Inhomogeneous Cosmology in Spherical Space
Alfred Bovon (M2 student ENS Lyon, CRAL)
- Closure via virialization of Newtonian volume-partitioned simulations

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